Monday, April 21, 2008

Food stuff that I thought I'd share

Even though trying to eat better hasn't garnered the results I had hoped, I am still trying and I am still looking for healthier foods to eat. (Ignore that I ate cake and a brownie at Wyatt's party yesterday. Thank you.)

I've been wanting to try quinoa. For dinner last night, I had stuffed peppers. Instead of using rice, I used quinoa. It was so good!

I used red quinoa. The quinoa was cooked with peppers and onions before it was placed into the peppers with ground turkey breast. The box the quinoa came in even "said" that it could be cooked in chicken or vegetable broth for added flavor. The quinoa can also be cooked as a side dish, cooked for breakfast, or used in a salad.

How did the experiment pan out? YUMMY! That sums up the experience.

I'm a potato girl. I love potatoes; however, my body cannot handle the sugar potatoes release into it. I've been searching for something that I can use instead of rice, because rice is so blah. I can't have pasta, either, so it was rice or sweet potatoes, until I found out eating too many sweet potatoes can interfere with my thyroid's function. YAY! I'm a freak!

So, back to the quinoa: I decided to try it because it looked hearty enough to make me feel full, without the detrimental effects of potatoes and too much rice.

Quinoa is a whole grain and compelte protein. It has many good attributes and is quite tasty if cooked with something that will give it some taste (garlic, onions, peppers, broth, etc). I was pleasantly surpised.

So, I thought I'd share, since reports say we should get plenty of whole grains and fiber. Quinoa should help fill that bill. (I believe it is gluten-free, too--if any of you have that issue.)

HERE'S a link to a site with a few recipes.


Old NFO said...

I'm not EVEN going to comment on what that stuff looks like... BUT if it works, more power to it!

RT said...

Bird seed? Dirt?

It actually tastes really good. It fluffs up when it is cooked.