Tuesday, April 08, 2008


Que? O.k. parents, here's a question for you: If your local king-of-the-reruns television station had The Simpsons and Baywatch Hawaii, which would you rather have your children watch?

Granted, little Bart is crass and Homer is a boob, but is the adult-ish story of lifeguards in Hawaii any better?

I know, guys, you'd rather watch the scantily-clad ladies prance down the beach, but we're talking about what your kids might see.

A lot of parents wouldn't allow either, but some might choose The Simpsons over Baywatch-not in Venezuela, however.

Since so many have complained about Bart, et al, the show was yanked. Station spokeswoman, Elba Guillen stated, "'“It had to be taken off,' Guillen said. 'They consider it to be a series that isn’t appropriate for that time because it isn’t appropriate for children.'"

Well, parents are allowed to complain. It is a free. . .oh, never mind. Outcome: The Simpsons has been taken off of the air. In its place, Baywatch has found a home. Any complaints? None. Aye carumba!

How can you complain about this?



Aprilwine said...

How can they replace the acting talent of The Simpsons with Baywatch? I don't get it.

jt said...

I'd take the Simpsons over Baywatch anyday...

Jeffro said...

Put me down for the Simpsons as well.

Venezuela - whatever. Just keep sending that sweet oil.

Dennis said...

Some people just don't get it. They will probably replace it with something equally as disturbing as Baywatch.

USA_Admiral said...

I think they view sex differently down there.

The Simpsons use free thinking and rebellious behavior. Something that a two bit dictator can't have on TV.

I never got into Bay watch either.

RT said...

Sad thing is, the action and acting is more "real" on The Simpsons than Baywatch.


That's 1,000,001 for Simpsons, Baywatch...nuttin'.

Yeah, like Golden Girls.

Yeah, they do.

I wonder if there is an episode with Bart as Che, American style?