Wednesday, April 16, 2008


1. Fried chicken with a side of marijuana
Umm...not saying how I know this, but wouldn't the chicken be the "side?"

2. Boyfriend proposes in game. And she said ...
"Game over."

3. No Cash for Philadelphia Poll Workers
Heh. Yeah, right. Guess there won't be any poll workers, then.

4. Colin Farrell to star as photojournalist in Bosnia war
Yeah, I just put this one in here so that I could say, "Colin Farrell is sooooooo friggin' hot!"

5. Fed up with politics, man eats vote
I wish idiot voters would do that more often. How about idiotic New Jersey voters?

6. Oregon man thinks his black Labrador is an impostor
Another right-wing conspiracy? Does the dog fake wagging its tail? Instead of barking, does the dog meow?

7. Principal bans tag at school; had become game 'of intense aggression'...
Ummmm...idiot! Raisin' pansies!

8. Murtha says McCain too old to be president...
Yeah, but McCain could kick Murtha's ass! Murtha would go home cryin' to his momma, wussy!

9. Man in drag rams car into lingerie store
Guess he got his panties in a bunch, eh?

10. Company receives hundreds of 'smelly' gas calls
Bush's Baked Beans thought the bean eating contest was a good idea at the time.

By the way, it is Aprilwine's birthday, today!!! Go wish her a happy one!


Rogue said...

I like these headlines -- they're more cheery than watching the Dumbs debate.

Old NFO said...

#7 has gotta be a left coast one... sigh...

Funny ones though :-)

USA_Admiral said...

That was some very funny thoughts on headlines. I have little or no creative thinking skills like that.

RT said...

I forget what I watched, but I know it wasn't the debate. Bleh. I'm tired of them.



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