Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Bloggy goodness!

This week, hit permitting, Wyatt will reach 200,000 hits. Be sure to go hit him a few times. Prizes are involved, too. GOOD prizes!

In honor of this momentous event, I give you this:

"Wyatt Earp"

The Marquees


Old NFO said...

hehehe- Good one!

USA_Admiral said...

You are too funny finding that song.

RT said...

NFO & Admiral
I was going to play a movie clip. Then, I watched the clip from the old television show. The introduction was, "This is Wyatt Earp. . ."listing all kinds of brave enforcer of the law stuff. But, then the Wyatt Earp character took off his shirt and well, I don't want to think about Wyatt without his shirt. ;)

Then, I saw that song and I thought you'd all get a giggle, and hopefully, Wyatt gets a giggle, too. :)

Ssssteve said...

Hey that doesn't look like Wyatt! he isn't fat or going bald! BWHAAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHA!!!

RT said...

You took your slap-happy pills today! HA!

I never noticed that Wyatt was balding. I'll have to check that out on Sunday. Then, if it is true, I'll have to make jokes about using his head for the "break" if I play pool.

All in your honor, of course.

Now, go hit him again you hit hog!

Wyatt Earp said...

Sssteve -

1. I'm now less fat.

2. It's called a buzz cut. I'm not going bald. Gray, yes, but not bald.