Saturday, April 05, 2008

This and that

Don't you just love when you are driving down the road, minding your own business, and another vehicle kicks up a stone that hits your windshield and dings it? Yeah. At least it is someplace that won't annoy me while I'm driving. Can you guess what I said when that happened?

Yesterday, after work, I was at the mall contributing to the economy, and I saw this lovely little piece of yumminess. It might come in handy during this weekend's grade-fest. I will take a picture of the pile of grading when I am done. How long do you think the candy bar will last?

My weigh-in will be posted later, maybe this afternoon sometime when I take a break from my work. My body hates me and that's all I'm going to say.


USA_Admiral said...

I have a type of Emergency chocolates stashed around the house(Dove Dark Chocolates).

They are seldom used for emergencies.

RT said...

I'm not supposed to eat chocolate, and I've had way too much the past two weeks (given Easter).

It didn't taste all that good, either. Bummer.

I used to eat two Dove darks chocolates while I drank my coffee in the morning (work snack). Yummy! I can't drink coffee, either.

I made a list today of things I can't eat rather than one of things I can. Made me laugh. It is easier to shop that way. (My body chemistry was not made for the modern world.)

Fiar said...

I can't imagine that emergency chocolate is anywhere near as good as the regular kind.

I imagine it being gritty and bitter.