Wednesday, April 09, 2008

More craziness

Ninety-nine percent of teachers enter the field of education because they want to make a difference and have a positive impact on students. This is even more the case when you find teachers who are willing to teach in urban areas.

This is footage of a teacher being attacked in Baltimore.

What should schools do? Tossing kids isn't as easy as it used to be. Too many people are quick to call a lawyer to sue the district instead of sucking it up and admitting their kids are bad.

We are not there to be abused. When did it turn into that?

I'll try to post happier things.


Rogue said...

Apparently the teacher missed the class about how to lay down the old-fashioned country axx-whoopin'. That always works for me -- then I call the police to come scrape them off of the floor. (actually only had to use it once).

Paul said...

It's a problem with no quick fix solution. I am glad that I am not a teacher.

USA_Admiral said...

Soon there may have to be security personnel in every room.

RT said...

Yeah. At some point, you have got to say "f'k it" to the job and the policies and protect yourself. If any student tried to raise a hand to me, that student would be in a world of hurt and then a pair of matching bracelets.

Kids like the ones in this video have no sense of right and wrong and how to conduct themselves in this world. They don't belong in the public school setting, but because of the litigious society, districts put their tails between their legs and don't do anything to get rid of the kids.

Make them go work at a landfill for a week or two, full time, in the summer heat. Then, ask them if they'd like some job training and a GED.

I wouldn't mind that. I always like when the cops come in to do a walk around to familiarize themselves with the different areas of our school.