Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Anklebiters gone wild

These were found on nine third graders in Georgia.

They were plotting to attack their teacher.

I've had some mean teachers. Never wanted to attack them, though.

I'd say more, but what good is asking, "Where are these kids parents? What possible evil could a teacher do to deserve this? Shouldn't they be charged with more than an 'unruly child'"?



USA_Admiral said...

A truly disturbing story. I never ever though of attacking any teacher or adult when I was a child.

They just get younger every year.

fuzzys dad said...

The moral decline is clear.
God help us.

RT said...

Just crazy.

That the problem; we don't rely on God as we should.

Jeffro said...

I gotta wonder what the red mittens were for - were they gonna smack the teacher with snowballs? In Georgia?

I had a football coach in my early high school years that really went out of his way to pick on me. I, of course, wasn't fully physically mature. After I reached that state, I fervently hoped I'd run into him and just see if he wanted to try me on, now that I was fully grown. I never ran into him. It's probably just as well....

DBA Dude said...

So they would be 7/8 years old?

Short time in a harsh lock up regime might just change their minds about what is acceptable behaviour.

Paul said...

This is scary !!

Mrs Grim said...

Hugely disturbing, as all of those incidents are.

I agree with Jeffro, the mittens are a little strange, but who knows what goes through the minds of these problem kids?

Noddy said...

When I first read this I was conjuring up an image of 16-18 year olds, but then I read this and I was lost for words.

Aprilwine said...

Third Graders?? They are what, 9 years old??? Very disturbing no matter what age of the student, but 9?? They seemed to really have it all planned out. Very scary!

RT said...

Maybe the mittens were supposed to not leave prints on the knife or paper weight. You'd be surprised how quickly kids can conspire. Crazy.

I had teachers that picked on me. I made them eat their words and attitudes by living a life no one expected me to have. Trust me, there were no high hopes for my future.

I emailed one of those teachers when I became a teacher and I told him he was an ass (in very beautiful English major-like language). There was a scholarship he was in charge of and every time he nominated someone based on work-ethic, trustworthyness, and need, he'd pick other kids when all the kids in the class were saying my name out loud. Yep. He even had me erased from a group shot of our class that went into our yearbook. Why? Because I listened to heavy metal. I kid you not.

How did he respond to my email? "If you ever need a job. . .I know the standards of the district where you work...it is a nationwide reputation for excellence (blah blah blah).

I think 3rd graders are between 7-9 (depending on the state and their kindergarten age cut-off).

A good ass-whoopin' is in order and the lock up. They definitely need an attitude adjustment.

They did it because the teacher admonished one of the kids for standing on a chair. I hear a cuckoo clock chiming.


Mrs. Grim
My kids have no edit button. I know what's going through their minds. Heh. It is sometimes cute, sometimes disturbing.

There are teachers who are physically attacked in some manner in schools across the United States, daily. I am grateful for the kids I have, but it can change and you never know from year to year (semester to semester in my case) what you're going to get. I try not to think about it.

Yeah. Do Scotland's schools have this kind of problem? There was a teacher in Philly (last year?) beaten and such and the kids broke his neck.

The planning is incredible; however, I was quite the planner of (constructive) things when I was that age. It's about motivation. As sick as it sounds in this case, they were motivated and that fueled them.

RT said...

P.S. I'm sure I have other writing errors in my response, but the one in Jeffro's is really bugging me.

I spelled trustworthyness when it should have been trustworthiness.

I'm tired. ;)

Wyatt Earp said...

Hey, some teachers deserve to be beaten. especially those at Berkeley. Heh.

RT said...

I know a one or two that could use a beat-down.

Beating the Berkeley types would do now good. There's nothing going on between the ears: no sense, no feeling, as my dad would say.