Tuesday, April 29, 2008


Recently, a minefield of sorts has been found underneath a defunct drive-in theater near me.

I think of all the years people sat in their cars watching the movies, then in recent years all of the people walking around it shopping for flea market finds.

I'm honestly too tired to come up with a real post for this story. It's close to home. In fact, it is 5-10 minutes down the road from me and less than a mile from my Dad's house.

You can read about it HERE. Frankly, the mayor's puns and tone bother me.

I also wonder why the state of NJ is paying for the clean-up. Shouldn't the Army be paying for it?

Well, now you have to go read the article, don't you? :)

Hey, maybe they could re-open the drive-in as part of some nostalgia thing and run old WW II era movies and movies about WW II?

Well, the mayor is thinking about a bomb exhibit of sorts if he can get NASA onto the site (which would be cool, btw).


USA_Admiral said...

I know they are busy right now but, I think the Army should clean it up. It might be good training for engineers.

RT said...


We've got a major base about 1/2 hour away and it is full of reservists training for deployment.