Monday, April 28, 2008

Picture of the Day

I'll post winners of the caption contest tomorrow evening. Until then, feel free to leave a witty caption entry. My brain hurts, no more decision making today. O.k.? :)

Here's a picture from my drive home. (I pointed and shot with the cell aiming or focusing or putting any effort into it took place...40 a 65 mph zone.)

My drive home was kind of a fitting comparison to my day: Long, intense, and annoying.

This was the visibility I had for most of my trip home. YAY! (Didn't really bother me that much since it was still light out.)


Rogue said...

When the Penguins play the Flyers, this is what the Flyers will see through their tear-laden eyes on the drive home.

Wyatt Earp said...

Taking photos in thr rain while driving. Oh, that's safe! :)

jt said...

I can't see anything in that picture. It looks like your windshield is all gaummed up...

RT said...

I will get over my fear of flying real quick just to beat your ass!


It is when you don't aim, are going relatively slow, and no one is around you. :)

YUP! I thought my car would be nice and clean when I walked out, since it got a good soaking yesterday...nope.

Old NFO said...

Road, what road?

RT said...

I didn't see any road. Did you see a road?

DBA Dude said...

Pretty crap way to end a long day - at least you made it home safe.