Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Just pondering. . .

1. What will Obama have to do to re-shine that star of his?

2. What will Bill Clinton do next to stick his foot in his mouth?

3. Which career choice seems wiser? Alligator wrangler or bear trainer? Better yet, why do these jobs even exist?

4. Is it me or have we gone back in time to the '70s? (If so, does that mean the '80s will be relived? While I liked the ratty, maned hair, I really don't feel like wearing those clothes again.)

5. What is in the water in Montreal that they are rioting over a first-round playoff win?


USA_Admiral said...

1. Embrace Islam?

2. His foot is still in his mouth.

3. Everybody has to do something.

4. I hope not, All I remember about the 70s was that loon Carter. And yeah gas prices seemed that hight back then too.

5. Those crazy Habs. It has been a while since they have been able to celebrate after April 22. Imagine if they win the Cup.

I hope the Flyers go in there and stomp their asses.

RT said...

I'm going to try to not get my hopes up about the Flyers. They always break my heart.