Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Just Pondering

I wanted to write something that isn't as melancholy as yesterday's post. Although I realize I can be, I hate to be a whiner.

Speaking of yesterday's post, if I had time, more importantly, if I had the energy, I'd look for another job. Since I don't, my school is where I will stay. It's not a job where you can give two-weeks notice. Probably a good thing, or I would have quit a while ago. That's not to say I wouldn't drop my job in a heartbeat for the right reason. Fatigue and burnout aren't reasons. (I really need to shut up about this, now.)

It was also my intention to do a really good April Fool's Day post. . .not feeling it, though.

So, I'll just ponder:

1. Ten more weeks until I'm a free woman (well, for about 10 weeks). Just thought I'd share.

2. Chocolate chip cookies or Oreo cookies?

3. I can't think of another question. Got one for me?

Hope you have a day free of pranks.


USA_Admiral said...

Life = Melancholy.

I never thought about it like that before, but being a teacher would mean, not being able to get pissed and giving two weeks notice.

I am always skeptical on this day. I don't really want to believe anything I hear or read. That is terrible I know.

The free woman ponderance (Yeah, it's a word) would have been a great post and had everyone guessing who does not have a school age child.

There is more butter in chocolate chip cookies I think. Oreos win hands down with my daughter though.

Saltwater aquariums or fresh water aquarium?
I have to clean my fresh water aquarium today.

momster said...

I am sorry you are struggling right now. I must admit I get a little worried about entering the teaching profession when I see so many getting stressed out and burned out.
Any way I have to choose chocolate chip. I do like Oreos but I really have no idea what Oreos flavor is supposed to be. They say its a chocolate cookie with a cream filing but it sure doesn't taste like any chocolate I have ever had.
Q: flavored toothpaste or mint?

RT said...

Yep, can't get pissed and bolt. There are days that I'd really like to. I haven't felt that way since my second year of teaching. I did almost walk out of the school on several occasions.

It is a rewarding career, but it is full of headaches just like any other job. I spend time preparing, do what I'm supposed to and do it pretty well. The students come in with various attitudes that have nothing to do with me, but are projected onto me. They come in unprepared. At least five kids, ask me to repeat myself within seconds of finishing what I had just said. The request are multiple and it makes it hard to move along when I've got a full year's worth of stuff to cover in half the time (because of our schedule). Then for the better part of two weeks out of each month, I'm advising my after school activity until 6:00-7:00.

I have no real social life and I'm so tired when I come home, I don't get anything done at home that I want to accomplish.

The leg pain--I'm used to it. I do hate when it interferes with a night's rest, though.

(Guess I'm still feeling "it" today.)

Your daughter is a wise cookie monster. :)

I've heard saltwater is pretty cool. I'm not very knowledgeable about aquariums, though. I did have an interview at Bloomberg once in the early '90s. He had (yes, that Bloomberg) file cabinet systems that had aquariums at the end of each.

People always go on and on about, "But you have summers off" thing. Actually, today, I plotted out all the stuff I need to do over the summer to fix what I didn't like from this year. I'm going to have to work about three to four days a week for the entire summer. I figured if I do work three to four and have three to four to myself to go around Nashville and the surrounding areas...that will good.

It's a for real kind of stress. I have about 120 students. They all have very different personalities from each other and that really impacts the classroom dynamic. I have good classroom management skills, but most of my classes have a high population of boys. Imagine a classroom with 21 teenage boys and three or four girls. They aren't bad kids, just entirely cooperative.

I love both cookies. :)

Mrs Grim said...

1) You must be looking forward to that! Even just to be out of the school atmosphere for a while must be a relief after an entire school year, especially with teaching high school. You have to put up with a LOT!

2) I have to go with Oreos - UNLESS the chocolate chip cookies are homemade and eaten right out of the freezer.

3) Peppermint Patties or Junior Mints?

RT said...

1. YES! I've started the week countdown in my classes. I teach mostly seniors, so they are feeling itchy, too. It takes me a good week to not look at my watch to see how much time I have left to get everything done during a class. I try to not wear a watch at all in the summer. Once in a while I do, but it is a rule I have for myself. I also avoid the alarm clock as much as possible.
The biggest headache for me (and I have it so much better than so many teachers--I'm blessed) is when I know I've spent so much time and energy planning and the kids just grind the class to a standstill with lack of preparation and lack of focus. I teach mostly boys (for example three of my classes--61 boys 14 girls). Gotta roll with it at times and have a really good sense of humor.

2. I've never had frozen chocolate chip cookies. (Unless they were sandwhiching ice cream...yummo!)

3. Junior mints, because they last longer.

Forgot Momster yesterday: I like minty fresh breath! (Oh, you meant my brushing choice? Heh.)--Mint.

RT said...

Yes, I know...sandwiching. TIRED!