Tuesday, April 22, 2008


Thirty-nine years ago, today, Wyatt entered the world screaming and kicking. Eh, things never change, do they?

Seriously, I hope Wyatt has an awesome birthday!

In honor of Wyatt's birthday, here's a special song:

And if that wasn't enough, here's one more clip that should just make him really happy:

For the icing on Wyatt's cake, I guess he needs a babe, eh?

Most importantly, I hope Wyatt has a great birthday, that his team wins tonight's hockey game, and that the next year is full of happiness and unexpected blessings.


Jeffro said...

39?!? He's just a pup!

USA_Admiral said...

That was Nice.

jt said...

"39?!? He's just a pup!"...
- an old pup

Deathlok said...

Oh! so that is just babyfat! Zzzzzing!

Wyatt Earp said...

1. The Ramones friggin' rule! "Go to Hell, you old bastard." HA!!!

2. SUPER JAROMIR!!! He's going to Round 2. the Flyers? Not so much.

3. Angie. *drools*

Thanks, RT!

RT said...

Jeffro & JT:
A wrinkled up pup like THIS. HA!

Thanks. Wyatt deserves a happy birthday...bein old and all. (I realize I'm 39, but I'm a very young 39.)

Tee hee. . . ;)

You're welcome! :) Hope it has been a great day!