Saturday, April 19, 2008

Isn't she awesome!?!?!?!?!?

While I haven't smoked in a while, and don't plan to, this lady captured my general attitude. I want to be old, wise, and not give a crap. I aspire to be this lady. I look forward to "getting there." Hopefully, though, my hair will be a little tamer. :) The well-seasoned members of our society rock!


Maggie Mama said...

Crap, RT, it would have been nice if you asked MY permission before posting my pic! ! ! !

RT said...


The picture made me think. We all get old (Lord willing for that blessing).

Looking at her reminded me that what I do with what is left of my youth is important. I want to live a good long life. But, it is also important to realize that all those little things we worry about right now, that we think are so important, aren't so important.

Like worrying about what other people think, for one. How many times have we not done something or not allowed ourselves to get to know other people better, because we thought too much of how other people would judge us for our choices and based on who we decide to care about and such? Reminded me how vain we all are.

I bet that lady doesn't give a crap.

I was also thinking about how I'm tired of being judged and I bet she wouldn't give crap if I showed up on her doorstep to have a chat and take her some flowers. :)

Wyatt Earp said...

Is that Popeye???

RT said...

I bet she likes her spinach. ;)

Maggie Mama said...

We have tried to teach the five chilluns that y'all have many acquaintances. Friends you count on your hand.

Friends are the ones that you call in the middle of the night ( No, Hill-.itch NOT at 3am) and just say "Come. I need you."

They don't ask "why" ... they don't ask "what happened".

They just say "I'm on my way."

It's rare. Hopefully, you will never have to make the call.

Hopefully, if you do, THEY WILL BE THERE FOR YOU.

Choose wisely. Know a fair-weather friend...from a FRIEND.

RT said...

I try to be "that" friend. :) Hopefully, I am.

Old NFO said...

Reminds me of my Grandmother- She was 97, still smoked a pipe and was as spry and ornery as a mule...

She didn't give a rat's patoot for her hair either, as she said, "Hell, I'm 97, ain't no old man gonna look at me!"

Thanks for bringing that memory back!

RT said...

I'm glad the picture brought back nice memories. :)

Spirited, older women are the best. I was lucky to know quite a few. My grandmother used to have to take me on some of her outings with her lady friends. They were quite the characters.

I think if I make it to 90, I'll take up smoking again. Heh.