Wednesday, April 09, 2008


Well, school violence isn't just an issue in the United States. It is in other countries, too. A school in Sydney, Australia was the scene of a baseball bat and machete attack. The attackers, aged 14-16 injured 19 people and caused a lot of property damage.

"The rampage occurred as hundreds of students attended a routine assembly in an outdoor area of the school about 9 a.m. As the attackers moved in, teachers rushed the students back to class, where they sought refuge behind locked doors or under desks.

Worried parents rushed to the school after news of the attack was broadcast.

Stewart said the attackers defied teachers who tried to stop them, but did not challenge police when they arrived, and surrendered their weapons without a struggle."

Sadly, there are more and more students who are very quick to resort violent means to make a statement or to voice displeasure about some area of their lives.

Many students just look at you like you're crazy when you try to assert your authority. They disrupt class, sending them out of class just causes more disruption, and then there are students who make threats every now and then. We had one last year.

The teenage mind can be a dark and imcomprehensible place.

Not all teenagers are bad. Most kids want an education and respect the teachers. However, the once "handful" of behavior problems to be found in the entire school has become a handful in each classroom.



USA_Admiral said...

I believe parents are not parenting their children.

I pray for the teachers I know everyday.

The thugs respected the Police Force's authority didn't they?

Anonymous said...

The problem is they were never taught about respect. If you do not respect yourself. You can not respect others.

RT said...

Admiral & FD
There are a lot of great parents who really do their jobs well and take things ultra-seriously. However, there are many, many parents who do not. There are a lot of reasons why, too. From just poor parenting to substance abuse and parents being so caught up in their own many to just think there's a magic philosophy or something. Just parent your kids. There are kids, however, that are just born ornery. Trust me. I've spoken with many concerned and caring parents who have crazy kids.

There just seems to be so much "ick" these days, though.