Saturday, April 05, 2008


Ugh. Scales. I have two scales. One tells me that I've gained five pounds this week. The other scale tells me that I've lost two pounds. The consistent one is the one that told me I gained weight. I am personifying the scale on purpose. I can hear it laughing. Really.

I think I'm going to buy a new scale. It would be nice if I could buy a new body, too. The current one hates me.

To find some positives from this week: I walked a lot yesterday. It made me feel a lot better, too. I also feel more strength in my "core" (sides and abdominal area). I also managed to eat really well despite my cravings to do otherwise. I also bought some new clothes. That makes any girl happy.

In case you all wonder why the up and down stuff despite eating a very restricted diet, I have a hypothyroid and I am insulin resistant. I guess I just have to restrict even the "healthy" carbs, too. If you skim THIS article (talks about both issues), you'll understand my frustration.

Normal people eating what I eat would be at a healthy, acceptable weight. I'll lose the weight. God gave me the stubborn gene for a reason. It is not impossible, just slow and full of ups and downs. I just have to find the right tweak to my diet, too.


Rogue said...

Sometimes it's not about losing weight, if you are gaining muscle.

It's about losing the fat. You can gain weight and still lose fat. You'll feel yourself firming up.

USA_Admiral said...

My Wife has this same thing. I really see how she struggles to lose weight and it bums me out.

The body is so complicated and yet so amazing too.

You are doing great and if you feel it in your core, you may be just gaining muscle like Rogue said.

Old NFO said...

Hang in there RT! Go get a 'good' scale and you will not have to go through the ups and downs, wondering if it's really right.

RT said...

I feel some of that, but after some research today, I realized I was eating some things that are sapping the benefits of my thyroid medication. I'll figure it out. As long as I don't gain back the weight I've lost over the past year (and subsequent weight), I'll be happy. I just seem to be stuck going up and down within a ten-pound frame for the past month.

I was talking to my mom about it today. I told her that if this is my "thing" in life to deal with, I'll take it given the much worse stuff people have to go through. It's God's way of making me eat really healthy. If I had the luck of the rest of my family members in staying thin, I'd eat whatever and drop from a heart attack, stroke, or worse. Blessings in disguise. However, I hope to reap the benefits and eventually be thin again. I miss it, and rejection is no day at the park, either.

RT said...

Yeah, I'm going to have to get a new scale.



DBA Dude said...

Could be tricky buying an accurate scale - guess that all u can do is to weigh yourself on a couple of public ones to get a sample weight, then try one in she shop and buy the exact one that gives you the closest reading.

Hang on in there and hopefully it will all come good in the end.