Friday, April 18, 2008


I've got all kinds of stuff for you today. I've got a picture of the day. I've got linky-dinks. There is also some humor thrown into the mix. Enjoy!

There is a crabapple tree outside of my apartment. Today, when I came home from running some errands, it smelled so nice and looked so pretty that I thought I'd share a picture with y'all. Yes, I took that picture. If you click on the picture, you will enjoy a ginormous view of the beautiful flowers.

Then, when I sat down to watch some television, I heard a saying that we are all familiar with: "Here's a dime; go call someone who cares." It got me thinking. Aren't phone calls a quarter? Even with that said, because of the use of cell phones, isn't the pay phone somewhat extinct these days? We need some new sayings. Hmmm...

Speaking of thinking, Big Bad Wolf has a whopper of a post! It really makes you think. What would you do to change/repair our Constitution? Wolf provides his views and suggestions. Take a look and add your thoughts.

While visiting Dee's blog, Conservatism with Heart, I noticed that she has a post showing Dick Cheney's funny speech at the Radio and Television Correspondents Association dinner. The crowd was warmed up by Mitt Romney and his top ten reasons for dropping out of the race. You can watch Mitt, below, and see Dick talk (heh...remember the readers?) on Dee's blog.

Next, on our list of links to visit is JT at Jundland Wastes. He's had a series of unfortunate events occur. He offers his sage advice on avoiding burning poles and runaway John Deere mowers. Go read "Some More Advice" and "That Time of Year Again," and laugh with him, not at him. ;)

Last, but not least, is Jeffro at The Poor Farm. He has a pretty good '70s music quiz link. I got a 95 percent. While most kids were out playing or taking part in Girl Scouts and organized sports, I was glued to my radio, gladly.

Have an awesome day, everyone!


momster said...

I liked your picture so much I put it on my desk top. It looks really good too.

RT said...

I put it on my desktop, too.

The picture turned out really nice if I say so, myself. :)

USA_Admiral said...

It does make very nice wallpaper.

jt said...

It makes me think of sneezing.

I hate thinking about sneezing.


RT said...

You're welcome. If I can make you sneeze and help you reset all those wires and shake off the cobwebs, then I've done my job. :)