Saturday, April 12, 2008

I spy. . .

Given that I woke up not feeling tired for the third day in a row (What's up with that?), I thought I'd share my observations of a somewhat productive day.

When I took my dad out to lunch, today, I noticed that people are downright rude to waiters and waitresses when food isn't exactly perfect. Did the waiter or waitress cook the food? Is he or she responsible? NO! Before you get all nasty with the person who served you your food, just tell them that it wasn't up to snuff and ask to speak to the person in charge. You know, the person who can actually make decisions about how to assuage your angst over food. Yes, food that can be made to your liking. It isn't the end of the world and it won't matter in ten years. Get over it (and yourself) and don't sit there on your cell phone the entire time giving a play by play of how big and bad you are.

A little later, when I went to Whole (in my wallet) Foods, a few things struck my observing eye while I was pushing my cart:

1. Aging hippie women should not wear shorts if their legs have not seen light for oh, about ten years. Also, please don't pull the shorts up to your boobs. The seam going up the crack of your ass is very unbecoming and looks really painful.

2. Some people are just impolite and rude. Whenever I've needed assistance at WF, the employees have been really helpful. In fact, I've never had the impression that their attitudes were the "I'm doing you a favor by being here" attitudes so prevalent in a lot of retail businesses. While I was walking by the fresh meat section, a man was asking the guy behind the counter if he had a problem. The guy looked a little befuddled and said, "No, sir. I'm fine. Why?" The man then proceeded to dump on the guy and say that the counter-guy was too hyper and thought there was a problem. From what I could see, the guy behind the counter was nice, helpful, and just doing his job. Maybe the rude guy wasn't used to something called FRIENDLINESS. Ass.

3. It is nice that a grocery store thinks that customers will be entertained by having a hippie girl singing hippie songs for them. It's relaxing (even with all the rude people barreling into each other with their carts). However, do all folksy singers have to sound like they are in a car with poor shocks going over a bumpy road? Just something I have always wondered about folk singers. I also observed that it must be a surreal experience to sing calming songs in the middle of rude, hurried shoppers.

Hope you all have had a great Saturday! :)


John D. said...

Hey, I woke up not feeling tired too. Of course that was a 4:15 PM, but at least I wasn't tired :)

RT said...

I fell asleep for two hours, just as I finished this post.

I'm not tired, though.


Taking a nap is one of my favorite things to do on a weekend afternoon. It is my cure for general grumpiness. :)

Big Bad Wolf said...

Ok, I just shot Diet Pepsi outta my nose while reading that.

Carbonation stings.

Hey, do you think that the ageing hippie chicks were wearing thongs? Cause granny panties with the shorts pulled that high could really hurt...

(Now try and scrub that image from your brain)

RT said...

They were the shorts version of mom jeans. I imagine (and thanks for that image, btw) that she was wearing her earth-friendly, 100 percent cotton granny panties.

The added touch was the oversized T-shit that was tucked into the shorts.

Hope your nose heals. :)

USA_Admiral said...

I wish people would just talk to the managers and not take it out on the Waiter or Waitress.

1. YUCK.

2.FRIENDLINESS is disappearing trait.

Mrs Grim said...

HI RT! I have to add that I have a whole new appreciation for the folks who work retail, now that I am one of them. I started part-time two weeks ago at our local Michael's Craft Store. I always say hello to everyone and am pleasant. Most of my customers have been courteous, but then you have the A-holes who feel they are entitled to service before all others. I have had ignorant people interrupt my conversations with another customer at the register and out on the floor, have had people shout at me from several aisles away to get my attention, and had an older woman argue with me about a price - until our Male manager came over and told her the same thing - then she was fine.

I think there are some people who think that just because someone does not make a lot of money at their job that they can be walked all over.

I'm only doing 10-15 hours a week, I'm sure I would have more stories if I was there full-time.

Singing in the Whole Foods - Cool, I didn't know they did that.

RT said...

I agree. The employees really have no power to fix things.

Mrs. Grim
Hello! I totally agree with you.

I used to be a cashier at Drug Emporium (miss that store). I once had an elderly gentleman scream at me because the bread he chose to buy wasn't the one on sale. His wife was so mortified. I told him to go speak with the manager, but if he checked the signs where he got the bread, he'd see that picked up the wrong loaf. BREAD, freakin' bread! Nothin' worse than a grumpy old man.