Saturday, June 21, 2008

Weighin' In

No change this week. Fine with me, though, since I haven't been good for a couple of weeks. I'm a stress eater. I've been REALLY, REALLY stressed. HA! (So stressed and tired that I punked out on graduation and came home to sleep.)

I had a neat thing happen today, though. Well, two things: 1. When I took my dad out to lunch I was looking at the menu and a thought came into my head that never even got past my ears, before-->"I don't want to eat French fries. None, nada, no more." WOW! You have no idea how I live for French fries! 2. As I was walking around Macy's spending gift cards given to me by my students at CHRISTMAS, I noticed I wasn't in pain. I was hot as hell, but that had more to do with wearing a long-sleeved shirt, because every short sleeved shirt I own is set aside for the trip. In fact, I was walking with more ease than ever AND the escalator didn't freak me out. (It's been a little awkward for me to get on the dang thing the past few years.)

Hmm...I think my perspective of food has changed and I think I'm ready for the belly buster summer I have planned--lots of walking to get rid of the cortisol making me look preggers.

Oh, I bought a Liz Claiborne purse that I would never buy if I didn't have the gift cards. Sweet!

I'm taking my scale with me to Nashville. I'll post next week and then I'll post at the end of the summer. It will be interesting to see what I'm able to do when I am away from my eating buddy (mom).

Ok, so I'm going to go pack, now. Y'all jealous?


Dorkelina said...

I'm definitely jealous... I miss ol' Nashvegas.

Have a great trip!!

Snigglefrits said...

You've beat the want for french fries? You are THE woman!

Congrats on the pain free walking too. It's really hard to make yourself get up and do stuff when it causes so much joint pain.

Have fun in Nashville, you certainly deserve it!

RT said...

Thank you! Thanks for visiting, too. :)

Can you believe it????? I was just not wanting them. In fact, I'm losing my overall desire for fast food. Can't shake Chick-Fil-A, but given the other choices I have, I'd say that is not entirely a bad one. Oh, and I love Mexican food, especially taquitos.

For the past four years, I've been in pain every single day. I was stiff and all and hurting when I got out of my car when I got home, but while I was moving, I was fine.

I'm hoping to have fun. Wednesday night I go to see Mr. Haggard.

USA_Admiral said...
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USA_Admiral said...

I butchered the previous comment, Those damn typos and lack of proof reading (must try to show some intelligence when posting on a teacher's blog) killed that comment.

Yep, Very jealous, but it is a part of my nature.

Belly buster!!! Love it. I though you only did that in a pool.

When you completely change your food mentality the weight loss will be for ever.

I am glad you gave up french fries. You have a high psyche. I can't get my wife to give them up.

You must have a new purse for vacations; at least around here (not me; my wife).

Take it easy and travel safe.

RT said...

must try to show some intelligence when posting on a teacher's blog

Apparently, you do not read my blog close enough. HA! I make errors. Sometimes I catch them. If you read what you write from the end (backwards), you'll find errors.

I've needed a really nice new purse for a while, but the $20 purse I bought at Target was still useful. It ripped, thus...the new one. I was going to buy really pretty earrings.

The brain + food connection is the hardest thing to work through. Unless you are acquainted with the mindset of an addict, you'd be hard pressed to really understand.

Add to it that because of whatever is going on with my body makes it hard to lose weight in the first place, it becomes a constant battle of the mind.

I'm finding my lust for food has greatly diminished. So, I'm hoping to see more evidence of my hard work when I'm away from my bad influences.

Jeffro said...

Jealous? You betcha!

Have yourself a time!

RT said...

I plan on having a time. Hopefully, it is a good time.