Monday, June 16, 2008

Four more days

I have been searching for the past few hours for something to post. You'd think with today being the last day of classes and with tomorrow being the beginning of exams, that I'd be relaxed and cool as a cucumber. NOPE. So stressed out I got sick, today. I have students anxious about their grades and they are taking their frustrations out on me. I even had one kid, who has an "A" in the balance, say, "What would Jesus do?" on his way out of the door. (I wish I had a brain cell so that I could go find a Bible verse to give him. Well, since he asked and all.)

I was also the recipient of a lot of hugs and thanks. That makes any teacher feel good. It is interesting to watch the seniors. They seem to be retreating into themselves a little. After all, life requires that they leave their comfort zones and become "for real" adults. They are skeerd, excited, sad, anxious, happy, and spouting memories of their earliest school years. So, if you are the parents of teenagers, just know, they are pretty fragile. They just don't want to show it.

Hmm...guess I found something to post.

Well, I might have my own stress and angst this week. I'm finishing up school, doing a lot of non-teaching related paperwork for the administrators, and I'm getting ready to go away for the summer. I haven't been away from home for an extended time since around 1990. I feel kind of guilty leaving my parents (that whole honor your parents thing) for a couple of months, but I need it. The past four years have been sapping, and I've prayed for about that amount of time to be able to go away for the summer, preferably where I am going or nearby. While I am in Nashville, I have a lunch planned with a former colleague that moved to Kentucky. She's the sweetest woman, and we always talked while we worked after school. In fact, I always envied her calm, Southern demeanor. I must learn that some day.

Anything else to report? I'll try to find something better to post for tomorrow. If I find that Bible verse telling me what Jesus would do, I'll tell you. Got any suggestions? ;)

Before I forget, HERE are this week's caption contest winners. It was a tough one to call. I really liked them all.


USA_Admiral said...

Go easy on her; she is an English teacher. Hilarious.

The folly of youth. Did the WWJD kid want an A+ or what?

Old NFO said...

Go enjoy yourself! You deserve it...

DBA Dude said...

Hope that you have a really relaxing break - feel free to take a rest from blogging as well to recharge those batteries!

RT said...

He had an A until a group project gone really, really inappropriately bad.

I'm plannin' on it.

I don't know how good of an internet connection I'll have. There is free wireless in the condo association building. Don't think I'll post every day, though. But then again, I'll lose any visitors I do get. Eh...we'll see.