Sunday, June 29, 2008

MORE FUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

WOW! My experiences here in Nashville just keep getting better and better! (Caveat: This is random and lacks any real order--I'm a giddy mess.)

Tonight, I went to see Mike Farris. He's a blues artist with a somewhat dark past that handed his life over to God. Currently he still plays blues and music with a gospel focus. To say what it is like to see him perform in person in one word: AMAZING! Funny thing is that a lot of what when on tonight had to do with redemption and restoration, a theme of a lot of my focus lately. It is neat when things like that happen.

I don't think he always plays with a band, but tonight he did. I recognized some of the them from a television show he did not so long ago for the Gospel Music Channel. (I think you'll find most of them in this video.)

"Precious Lord Take My Hand"
Mike Farris

UPDATE!!!!! SOMEONE POSTED THIS FROM LAST NIGHT!!!! This is a song that makes me become a blubbering mess every time I listen to the CD. (Sam Cooke cover)

While I was sitting there, I couldn't help but think that this is some of the best music I've seen and that I was/am so grateful that I have the opportunity to come down here and see it.

Music has always been something that has helped me through a lot of things and if I had the guts (and more talent), I would have been one of the fools running around the stage.

It was truly an evening that met some spiritual needs as well as the need to enjoy some really good toe-tappin', hand clappin' music.


The club, Station Inn, was really small, which made this an even more awesome event. I forgot what it was like to sit in a small club on a warm summer evening...sauna! I wouldn't have wanted it any other way, either. See that bright light in the picture? It was an exposed light bulb hooked to a really long string. A guy off to my left pulled that really string so that the light went out when the band began to play.

I'm gonna take my giddy butt to bed, now. Anyone ever tells you music is useless, frivolous, or not inspiring is insanely wrong. There was dancing, foot-stomping, clapping, old-fashioned testifyin', and the most amazing soul-lifting environment that I have experienced in a really long time.

I would have stayed for the bluegrass jam afterward, but I've got more fun in store for tomorrow! Wooo hoooo! (Yeah, JT is gonna cuss at me for not staying for that, isn't he?)


Jeffro said...

Glad you are having such a great time - ya certainly deserved it!

Carry On!

USA_Admiral said...

Yes, it sounds like you having what a vacation is suppose to be.

RT said...


I've never had a real vacation, and when I came down last year I became ill and really didn't leave very happy. See how God makes things better! :) I'm looking forward my dinner with a former co-worker today.