Friday, June 20, 2008

Some stuff I learned this year:

1. You can point out the same things over and over to a student, but that doesn't mean he or she will utilize your instruction.

2. Very little is about me. I'm just a small speck of presence in my kids' lives. So many teachers think that their discipline and their presence are so much they are all that matters.

3. Kids will meet your expectations, whether you have high expectations or low ones. I try the high expectations route.

4. Teenagers really miss being little kids. They reminisce about "the-good-'ol-days" as much, if not more, than our seasoned members of society.

5. Teenage boys spend a lot of time scratching themselves. They aren't shy about it, either. I guess they think the desk (without anything blocking them) hides all.

Btw., would it be so hard to get THIS correct? Huh?


Snigglefrits said...

It's/its is the pits. I have to stop and think every single time I use either one of them, but I *do* stop and think at least. ;)

RT said...

They don't proofread. It is painfully obvious. They also don't realize that the spell-check and grammar-check are suggestions and always correct.


Old NFO said...

better you than me RT, I'm afraid I would be fired for "getting their attention"...

USA_Admiral said...

That sounds like me when I was "bein lernt"

The very good teachers I remember to this day. You sound like one of these.

The scratch thing slayed me.

I don't proof read either, But my new progressive lenses in my glasses work and now I don't miss as many typos (Hopefully).

RT said...

My students once told me that I couldn't be mean if I tried. I wish I could be, though. Sometimes I'd rather they feared me.

What?? You scratched yourself all of the time? HA! They go full bore, not even trying to sneak the scratch. It is so gross.