Sunday, June 22, 2008


1. Obama plans 50-state election
So, he will concede the other eight states?

2. Swedish crimes relocate in summer
I've heard they take a holiday in Portugal.

3. Woman claims phobia of official letters
May I claim a phobia to bills? I do get itchy and headachy when I have to pay them. I think I'm allergic.

4. Colorado Lottery offers scratch-'n'-sniff games
I guess you're a winner when it doesn't smell like ass.


USA_Admiral said...

I cannot say anything good about Barry.

Ah; to be Swedish. Blond hair blue eyes and 6'2".

Lotto has gone too far this time.

RT said...

I wouldn't mind being a pretty Swedish gal.

Lotto is wack, yo.

(Think the hours in a car by myself is getting to me.)

Dee said...

LOL :-), I'm with ya on #3!!

RT said...