Saturday, June 21, 2008

Choose your words wisely. Maybe.

It seems the PaCification of special interests that may or may not have expressed an offense, is running rampant in the world of corporate teamwork.

Here's an excerpt of a recent Tunbridge Wells Borough Council's planning meeting:

Ian: "Alrighty, let's plan our annual Speldhurst Fete. Let's Brainstorm!"

Clive: "Umm...I find that term offensive. Can we use a term other than 'brainstorm'?"

Ian: "What do you suggest?"

Clive: "How about "thought shower" or "blue sky thinking"?

Ian: "Whatever, ok. Think to the highest, bluest of blue skies. What shall we do for the fete? Let's get the ball rolling."

Clive: "Again, please don't use terms that offend me. Balls really bother me. All types of balls. Rolling, swinging, dancing, and juggling...all of them."

Ian: "O.k., I'll rid the conversation of brains and balls."


USA_Admiral said...

We are just going to dissolve into a pile of our own excrement over this PC movement.

Snigglefrits said...

Insanity. Pure and simple insanity...

Rogue said...


RT said...

It is ruining the world. Yet, they still won't get PC about how people of girth are treated. Hmmmm...


Glad you liked the humor attached to the story. :)