Sunday, June 08, 2008

Beauty & Ick

After I took my dad out to lunch, I went into his backyard to look at what is left of my grandmother's flower garden. For many years, she'd escape to the yard to take care of her roses. It wasn't a huge garden by any means, but it reminded me of the pictures of British Columbia that she showed me once in a while. It made me think about how homesick she must have been at times.

My dad said there was a really pretty rose in the garden, so I went to go see it, especially since I had my camera.

This is the rose:

Then I saw another rose:

Next year, if my dad still has the house I think I might start to revive the garden. It is one of the major things I miss about my grandmom. We used to spend a lot of time out there when I was younger. Most of the time, when I was little, I had a hand shovel and it was my job to find pebbles in the side yard. My grandmother used them in the bottom of her flower pots (so the plants could breathe).

The ick? This was literally glued to my dad's windshield (he got the glue off).

My dad hasn't a real clue about the who this is or the hateful message behind these beliefs. Thank goodness. I was kind of troubled to see this thing, to be honest.


Old NFO said...

Pretty flowers! Too bad about the 'advertisement' But GLUED to the windshield????

RT said...

It was some kind of adhesive that took a lot of elbow grease, cleaner, and a car wash to get off.

My favorite part of her garden was the lavender. She used to cut it and put the buds in a nick-nack. The house smelled of it.

I think she had about 8-10 rose bushes if I can remember right.

Wyatt Earp said...

Ya know who was responsible for the flier? The Joooooooooooos!

RT said...

I think the heat is getting to yoooooooooooooooooooou!

Snigglefrits said...

Y'alls' comments made me laugh. :D

The flowers are quite pretty. Too bad you couldn't find the leaver of the "advertisement" though. Just think how nice it would have looked glued to his/her face.

RT said...

I wonder where my dad was that he even had that attached to his car. I imagine one of the local stores. On my way to the garden he directed my attention to the ad laying on the ground and paper encrusted adhesive stuck to his windshield.

I half wonder if it was done as a show of "we're here" and a bit of intimidation. NoI is a very hateful group under the guise of religion.

Wyatt is the little brother I wish I never had. ;) (Actually, he's a great friend.)

USA_Admiral said...

It seems impossible to go anywhere with out your car getting vandalized on beat up by inconsiderate people.

Garden work reaps great benefits.

RT said...

Yeah, people are very inconsiderate these days.