Friday, June 06, 2008



Snigglefrits said...

I won't even say where my mind went watching that. I will say I feel the need for brain bleach though.

Wonder if it comes with attachments...

USA_Admiral said...

So you were interested in that?

There was a lot of upper body shaking going on. My back is aching from just watching that guy in the meeting. Is it motorized?

Dennis said...

OMG! It looks like the women were REALLY enjoying it.

RT said...

My mind went to the same place.

Just thought it was weird and funny. I can't get over some of things people are able to sell.

Yeah, but that guy had a nice smile on his face.

Snigglefrits said...

I have to beg to differ with the chick reporting on this though-

I rode the mechanical bull at my bachelorette party. It was far more than "distracting" and it beat the snot out of me for all 8 seconds.

She didn't look too much the worse for wear. ;)

dickiebo said...

Would you please refrain from feeding this sort of stuff to Noddy, as he is about to lose all his street cred! lol.

Rodney Dill said...

When Harry met Sally: "I'll have what she's having."

Wyatt Earp said...

Oh. My. GOD!!!

Old NFO said...

Ah... er... No comment :-) reminded me of the women trying to ride the bull at Gilleys!

RT said...

I've never been on a mechanical bull, but I did fly around some barrels on a horse, once (also raced the same horse). I've also been on a motorcycle. No mechanical bulls, though.

Hey, he patrols "the hoods" of Scotland. He's got street cred---there can be only one Highlander, after all. ;P

She did look a little happy there at the end of the report.

Yeah, I hear that's what she said when she was done testing it.

Yeah, I wouldn't put myself in that situation. It's just begging for crude comments. Then again, I don't eat ice cream cones around guys, eithers. Same reason.