Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Metaphor for life

To figure out where you are going, it is good to get a little lost.

I had that (not-so-eloquent) thought today while I drove around parts of Nashville because I got off or onto the highway (two that merge & split) via the wrong exits.

When that thought occurred to me, I thought, "Wow! Just like life." I've taken many wrong exits, have gone in circles, and have somehow always ended up where I was supposed to be going. In a concrete, here on earth sense, we have GPS and the advantage of being able to get off the highway and backtrack. In a spiritual sense, we always have a navigator in spite of our ability to get lost. He prompts His spirit to move us in the way we should be going. God gets us where he wants us--one way or another.

Now, if I could just figure out who was calling my cell phone and hanging up on me, I'd be happy.

While I was meanding down streets that weren't in my directions, I saw Nashville's visitors' center (might be going there one day this week--maybe not):

Some guy, who I think might have been negotiating a fee for some kind of "service" (Corner of the tan part of the building). I got an up-close look at this girl. She couldn't have been more than 18-20 and looked pretty worn. I saw a few people who looked a little defeated by life. Hope they find where it is they are supposed to be.

This last picture is actually from this morning. It is the Delta Queen. The sun shines into the condo in the morning. It is nice, but I'm on vacation and don't really want to wake up at 5:30 a.m. (Still took me until almost 11:30 to get out and going.)


Snigglefrits said...

You could always put tin foil on the window RT. Not only would it keep the sun out, but when the Delta Queen went by, they could tell an interesting story about you and aliens. ;)

As for being lost, many times some of the best things in life we'd miss if we didn't end up off the beaten path on occasion.

USA_Admiral said...

It is funny how often we get lost.

I love that picture of the Queen. When I was very young my brother and I used to try and make river boats out of glue, thin spaghetti and popsicle sticks. It kept us busy for hours.

RT said...

My own fault. I fell asleep on the couch. The bedroom has really good blinds that make things really dark.

I thought a riverboat would look bigger. I'm sure some are, though.

I think I'm perpetually lost and never going in the right direction. Makes life interesting, that's for sure.