Sunday, June 08, 2008

Sure this isn't my school district?

While THIS happened in Japan, it could very well happen in many schools across this country (especially my school district).



Anonymous said...

What do people think is going to happen when these kids grow up and can't all be the star/winner/best at whatever? I can't think of a more perfect way to create an entitlement mentality, but who will support all those entitlements?

USA_Admiral said...

The beginnings of a global society?

Stories like this really make me ill.

RT said...

Exactly. The kids in my district walk around with a sense of entitlement. A majority of them do not have the coping skills to handle failure and defeat. Any human experiences those things at some point, and they've got to learn to deal. Many kids have no idea what working hard to earn something means. Even more can't handle that a decision is a decision and if you don't get your way, you suck it up and learn from it. I've been bullied by more than parent and/or student who wasn't happy that he/she did not receive some kind of recognition that others might have. So tiring.

Seriously, these are the parents you can count on to ride their kids to work hard and earn things. If they are beginning to have that kind of attitude, imagine what will trickle down to other societies. Scary.