Friday, June 13, 2008


Hopefully, actions like the one in Ireland will start a trend of Europeans rebuking the EU.

Seriously, how lame does your country have to be (*cough* France) to turn over a lot of control to a multi-national union of countries?

When the EU formed, I was very dismayed. Yeah, in a singular sense most of the countries couldn't compete with the U.S., but they have sold their soul to the devil for what they perceive as power. In reality, only a few countries have a lot of say.

The EU has set it sites on Ireland. Ireland responded with "NO!" Good for them!

It seems the biggest issue is that they do not see the EU as a democratic force and one not worth giving carte blanche to do as they please while giving away Ireland's power. Btw., Ireland is the only country to hold a public vote.

I hate the EU; it just smells like the mob.

(H/T: Herald Tribune)


John D. said...

Gotta hand it to the Irish, they recognize blarney when they see it.

Old NFO said...

EU had one and only one goal- Supplant the dollar as the currency of choice. Still hasn't worked.

USA_Admiral said...

Irish folks are much more savvy than than the rest of of the despots in europe. (I could bring myself to capitalize the E.)

TrekMedic251 said...

Old NFO - ask Budweiser about how well the dollar fares against the Euro (hey, if the African Union ever has a single currency, would they call it the Afro?)

Anyway, the idea behind the was to re-create the United States, except without the capitalism and freedoms we have.

Worked real well, huh? No wonder France, Germany, and Italy are all going over to conservative, free market governance and Britain's Labor Party is getting ready to lose BIG TIME in the next national election.

RT said...

John D.
Yep. Good for them.

The Euro has lost a little ground--at least the reports I've seen the past month or so and indicating, thus.

They have had people trying to sell them a bill of goods for centuries. They have also had their share of people trying to rule them. They ain't havin' it.

Belgium is one of the stronger and more powerful members of the EU.

I hope the socialism of Europe crumbles. Quickly.