Monday, June 09, 2008


1. Don't abandon car in motion, says motor code
So, I guess you're supposed to stop? Well, what is the fun in abandoning a car if it is stopped? (DUH!)

2. Indian school names monkey god as its chairman
Hey, never underestimate the powers of Lancelot Link!!!!

3. Canada deploying cardboard cops to nab speeders
In another crime fighting step, Canada plans to require mounties to ride THESE.

4. World's first 'pregnant man' -- four weeks from the birth!
"He" has female organs, was born a woman, and has had surgery to remove "his" breast tissue. "He" also takes hormones to up the maleness.

You can put a dress on a pig, but it is still a pig. "He" is a woman; therefore, a man is not about to give birth.

5. Thousands clash with police in Egyptian bread riot
That's nothing compared to the great cheesesteak riot of 1976: The Cheese Whiz Massacre.


USA_Admiral said...

People are going to steal the cardboard cops and put them all around their house. Maybe Detective Earp could supplement his income by making life sized cardboard of himself and sell them online.

Snigglefrits said...

#5 had me cackling. Not to mention, it made me hungry. Cheesesteak for lunch today I do believe!

momster said...

#4 That is exactly what I've been thinking. No matter what you do to the outside genetically she's still a women. You look at her dna its a XX and never will be an XY no matter what they do to the outside .

Ssssteve said...

That loser is here in Oregon, (of course! Blech!

That made me laugh about the mounties riding stick horses!!

btw, i posted a joke for you today! just to make you laugh!

RT said...

See...I have so many zingers that I could just let fly. But I feel a twinge of conscience.

O.k., that passed.

Would you want a life-size Wyatt in your house? Heck, his wife doesn't even want the real thing.

A life-sized Wyatt is good for two things: scaring trick-or-treaters, and birth control.

(I'll be here all night; tip your waitress.)

I had Mexican. Yummyyyyyyy!



Oh, for moi? I'll have to go check it out, eh?

Yeah, you all get the crazy libs.

Dee said...

Yeah, when I found out the pregnant man was actually a woman I couldn't believe all the fuss!!

Deathlok said...

TRUE STORY! In grade school, I had a Lancelot Link Secret Chimp Lunchbox. . . . .I wish I still had it too.

RT said...

Yeah, I was wondering what the big deal was, too. It is a WOMAN!

Why am I not surprised? :)

I had some kind of lame western theme to mine. Not even a television show. Yeah, I was that poor. I wanted a television show lunch box so bad, too. I would have been happy with Snoopy.

DBA Dude said...

Guess that school is not going to run out of bananas or nuts from now on - good solution to the food crisis.

RT said...


HA! Oddly, I had a banana and some cashews for breakfast today. Hmmmm....