Friday, June 27, 2008

Think about your vote

Ssssteve at First with Flair and InsoluBlog have made good points about our upcoming elections. Not only should we think very carefully about the presidential election, but also our local and state elections.

Our "things will always work out" attitudes are allowing for the erosion of our real freedoms. If we aren't careful, we could do ourselves real harm.


Jeffro said...

My vote for McCain will be given with the hope that if he doesn't choose acceptable SCOTUS candidates, we can force Congress to make him change his mind, a la Bush and Harriet Miers.

RT said...

One can only hope.

Dee said...

I agree, except the problem with McCain is he is just as likely to give us a Kennedy or a Souter instead of a Scalia or a Thomas. Yet, with him we at least have a chance. Whereas with Obama we are guaranteed a Ginsburg. I'm still pissed though that we are left with such a dismal choice.

USA_Admiral said...

I agree!

With McCain it will be like losing less.

You must have missed the memo; You are not allowed to use Hope or Change until after the Election in November. ;-)

RT said...

Yeah, I'm not feeling this election at all, but we have to vote what is best for us even if "best" isn't what we'd classify as such.

Freedom of speech! I declare HOPE and CHANGE available to all!

USA_Admiral said...


You just don't play by the Rules, and I love it.

RT said...

I was never one for rules and authority being held over my head.