Thursday, June 05, 2008

Picture me

Snigglefrits has a picture meme she "borrowed" that I have decided to "borrow." My brain cells are in short supply right now, and this looked like fun!

Relationship status:

Current Mood:

Favorite Band (at the moment):

Favorite Movie:



Where do you live?

(The part of NJ where I wish I could live--Skylands.)

What do you drive?

What did you do Saturday?

What did you do Sunday? (lunch with dad)

Favorite Network TV Show: Well, they are on "networks."

Describe Self:

What do I look like:


Snigglefrits said...

Love your pics RT, although I highly doubt that last one is true. ;)

I'm a Dr. Who fan currently being deprived. No station locally carries it here currently. :(

RT said...

Thanks. Ummm...I do look like hell, but less hellish than a year ago. :)

It is currently on SciFi if you have it. I've missed the past few weeks--too tired to remember. HA!

Big Bad Wolf said...

Ok...for the Doctor Who fans: Download Limewire (it's a file sharing tool) and search under videos for Doctor Who.

Look for files tagged with S04 (Season 4).

I'm at least 4 episodes ahead of Scifi Channel. Want some spoilers?

USA_Admiral said...

Well done.

BTW, I doubt the hell part.

RT said...

Big Bad Wolf
Thanks for the info. Whatever I don't see on SciFi will be on BBC America next go around. I think DT is the best Dr. Who, yet.

Thanks. Well...I've never really felt otherwise. I'm trying to like myself more.