Monday, June 23, 2008

Bustin' some stuff up

Now, this is my kind of therapy!

I've often wondered what good it does to go visit a person you are paying to tell you that your life, relationships, and general psyche are messed up. I mean, that's their job and they make money from keeping you on the couch.

However, I can remember that back in the day, when I was a less mature person (read: angsty teenager), I had quite a bit of aggressive energy. I would have given anything to be supplied with a sledgehammer and some items to bust.

Imagine if you will a young, 17 year-old RT finding out her best friend just boffed the guy RT spent hours daydreaming about (and not the first friend to do so---reason why I am friends with few women). RT has no outlet, but to smoke (all kinds of stuff) or drink. But, here comes the good doctor with a sledgehammer. She gets to destroy stuff and feels good about it. Yeah, I could throw down in a fight, but this is legal assault on non-human objects.

Well, you can read the whole story and about THIS "new" type of therapy.

Some of you go to the gun range, I'd like to go to a pummeling range. Exercise and a good session of venting to be had. How can that be wrong? It would make ending the marking periods a lot more joyful.

Speaking of breaking stuff:


Rogue said...

Hey, does that guy have a Pirate shirt on?

USA_Admiral said...

Sounds like a better alternative to couch sitting.

Great Limp tune too.

Sounds like road rage may be in your future?

RT said...

I didn't use any images connected to the story. I rarely do. Probably some radio station stunt thing.

Great exercise, too.

I curse, but I am not a road-rager. I only cursed a few times on my way down here. Once you cross that TN border, there is some really bad driving to be witnessed. Scary.

As an aside, I read the other night that people with bumper stickers are most likely to experience road rage.