Friday, June 27, 2008


So, I've got this nice little view in an urban area, right? Since I decided to vege out today and just watch the tube, I've seen lots of news. Guess what is all over the news? It seems THIS dam has issues. "Oh, there is no immediate threat." However, you know the it until people are good and skeerd. People like me, not from here, who know how to swim, but NOT IN A FREAKIN' RUSH OF RIVER WATER THAT COULD PUT A LOT OF DOWNTOWN NASHVILLE UNDER WATER!!!!!!!!!


Anyone got a flotation device? (*I purposely chose this station's online report because of the poor spelling and whatnot.)


USA_Admiral said...

I have Damn issues too.

You might want to "Run for the Hills?"

You should also have a couple of built in flotation devices? (Heh!)

RT said...

I did think about the irony of my cell phone's ringtone being "Run to the Hills."

And yes, I have built-in water wings. Geesh.

Snigglefrits said...

Should you get swept away by the raging waters, I will put up a net and catch you when you get to Georgia. ;)

RT said...

Ok. And for some comfort, I will probably need some pulled pork and hushpuppies. Just so ya know. ;)