Saturday, March 15, 2008

Weighin' In: Week 11

Well, the roller coaster is still making its way up to the top of the ride this week.

I'm up six more pounds. I had no idea salad could do this to a person. Heh.

I know if I explain my body's funky way of working it will sound like excuses, so I won't.

I just try to keep my mind on good things. I'll lose the weight, I'll learn a strategy or two for the weeks that my body decides to be defiant. My new clothes still fit. :)

Next week will be better. For real.


Old NFO said...

Hang in RT, muscle weighs more, and builds quicker than losing the fat build up, so you do tend to yo-yo until your exercise stabilizes your body.

RT said...

I don't think this is muscle. :)

I'll be fine.