Sunday, March 02, 2008

Sunday Song

Exodus 14:14
"The LORD will fight for you while you keep silent."

There are times when we have to be still. Wait. Be quiet and wait.

Given our human desire to be right or to do what we think needs to be done immediately, sometimes God says, "Wait." Even if we don't like it.

Better yet, sometimes He says to wait because we need to see Him do what needs to be done, so that we aren't taking all the credit. Our lives are about Him, not about our pride.

Similarly, God knows when the timing is best for anything we've prayed for or to provide unexpected blessings. When we least expect things, or maybe even when we've given up, God has a way of saying, "HELLO!"

That's what it was like for the Jews that Moses led out of Egypt. They would get so itchy at times, trying to do God's job for Him, showing their lack of faith. Moses' response to them was to tell them that God would do all of the hard work and fight their battles for them if they'd just be still.

Throughout the Bible we are reminded to "be still."

Such a simply understood command, yet probably one of the hardest to obey. Good thing God is patient, kind, and doesn't write us off---ever.

"If Not For Your Grace"
Israel Houghton


SoHoS said...

It is in those moments that the answers will come.

Aprilwine said...

"Good thing God is patient, kind, and doesn't write us off---ever."

Amen to That!!

RT said...

Yep. Then when they do, we wonder why we couldn't be still sooner.

I constantly remind myself the grace God shows me through His constant forgiveness and long-suffering. It helps me in how I treat others. I'm not perfect, but it certainly is a bar I aim for these days.

april said...

I agree Rt, I need reminders constantly. God's grace is something I can't fully understand, but am so thankful for.

RT said...

And when it happens, you know it can't be anything but God's grace.