Saturday, March 22, 2008

Weighin' In: Week 12

I lost nine pounds. I'd explain, but then I'd have to talk about my thyroid (yadda, yadda, yadda) and fluid (yadda, yadda, yadda) retention. Don't worry, I didn't have a baby. If I did, it would be a miracle from God, because I'm not into test tubes and getting "there" without the fun stuff.

Hope you all experienced some success and have a great Easter! I won't be having ham. I'd probably gain the nine pounds back in one hour.

On a happy note, I think I found a church I can attend beginning next week. I liked the church the last time I visited, with the exception of someone in its leadership....that person has left the church and they seem to be doing some neat things. YAY! (It is hard to find good churches around here.) Why next week? My family plans begin while their service is underway. I'll find an earlier service for tomorrow. I'm psyched!

Fun tidbit: I am feeling gleefully obnoxious at the moment. I am going through clothes that I have not worn in a few years. Clothes I've been wearing are too big. Clothes that I haven't worn in a few years fit just right. In fact, there are clothes that I wasn't able to get into a month ago that now fit nicely. YAY! So now I am double-psyched! :) Just thought I'd share, since I have such a great cheering section.


USA_Admiral said...

WOW. That is like a good day at the gym and 9 hours in the sauna.

HMMM, Ham.

We still have not found a Church that we are comfortable with, They are a blessing when you find them though.
I hope this one works out for you.

Old NFO said...

Great! Keep going RT.

RT said...

Admiral & NFO

I'm just glad that I've pretty much lost what I gained. I'm shooting for a total of 30 within the next three weeks or so.

Thanks for the good thoughts. :)

Dee said...

You rock girl!!!

RT said...

I'm pretty proud of myself.

I had to take something over to my dad this morning. He was noticing my weight loss and gave me a high five. Heh.