Tuesday, March 25, 2008


Many of us have stated over the past little while that we are tired of the news, of politics, and of how the troops are treated by the MSM.

Here is our chance to help ourselves and to maybe lighten the heaviness of the past few weeks.

Dennis at Gone Rick Motel has a beautiful story about a young boy, with leukemia, who wishes to become a soldier to the day. He gets his wish.

Wyatt at Support Your Local Gunfighter has a post about Master-at-Arms 2nd Class (SEAL) Michael A. Monsoor and the approval of his posthumous receipt of the Medal of Honor for his bravery.

I found a post at Blackfive that speaks in a general manner about soldiers doing things and supporters of soldiers honoring them.

Is there bad news about the wars fought in Iraq and Afghanistan? Yeah. Are there soldiers that do not perform up to our commonly held moral standards of decency? Yes, very few, but yes. Is the war easy and free of bloodshed? No. (It would be tag football, otherwise.)

Here is a challenge for you: Find anything to highlight- an organization that helps soldiers or something that highlights our troops doing something good.

Let's see what you can find (any medium--print, photo, video). Post it on your site and leave a link in the comments so that I can pimp you and your research. If you've posted something rather recent, feel free to use that, too. (Heck, feel free to include work done by allies working with us.)

If you click in the bloggers' names, you will be taken to their posts and the links they have provided.

  • USA Admiral
  • Old NFO
  • Rogue has two great posts: HERE is one about Iraqi folk "not taking it" any more, and HERE is a roundup of good stuff...hmm...people volunteer to go to Iraq? I thought they were drugged, stuffed in a bag, and dumped there by our government. /snark


USA_Admiral said...

I follow these two blogs.

"This War and Me"
This soldier has returned home and is getting a look at how things are after his Tour of Duty. He has not posted in a while since being back. He deserves as much time as he needs to adjust.


The other one is "YellowHammering Afghanistan."

This blog has some very amazing stories and photographs about a soldier and his Tour pf Duty in Afghanistan.


RT said...

Thanks, and you've been linked! :)

Old NFO said...

I'm in... I will post all the Navy Cross recipients Starting here-

RT said...

I shall link it, sir. Thanks!