Sunday, March 23, 2008


I took my mom and dad out to lunch today (yes, divorced parents out with their child). I was happy to not have to choose which parent I would have a holiday meal with.

While we were at the restaurant, I saw some of the cutest little kids all dressed up and full of what I believe to be energy supplied by the Easter Bunny's treats. Seeing one little girl skipping around wherever she went reminded me of me when I was a little one. I was always hyper and had all kinds of energy. It was very hard for me to sit still. I think my grandmom asked quite often if I had ants in my pants.

Seeing that little girl reminded me of the frenetic energy I employed to dance to this song whenever I heard it:


USA_Admiral said...

This is my daughter's favorite movie. I see it a lot.

RT said...

It is one of my favorite movies. EVER! I love Dick Van Dyke.