Monday, March 10, 2008


I know a lot of people will write about the news of Eliot Spitzer's hypocritical lifestyle. Hopefully what I have to say won't be redundant.

I want to go beyond the hypocrisy of someone who, with much fervor, dedicated his efforts to "freeing" New York politics of corruption. (Guess he should have looked in the mirror.)

He can say that he's sorry and that he betrayed his personal morals, but that's not going to change his actions. It also won't change the harm he's done to his wife and daughters.

Infidelity is more than a sexual betrayal of a spouse. It also says that whatever is "there" is a lie and a joke. When children are caught up in it, the betrayal is multiplied.

Girls look to their fathers for guidance, and fathers are the first men with which girls have an emotional attachment. You betray that attachment and the sense of well-being and protection that comes with it, and you've impacted a young lady's life in a most horrendous way.

As a public official who was caught doing the same thing he targeted, he'll pay the price of ruining his career (and hopefully he'll resign--as of now, he hasn't). As a husband, he's ruined a marriage. As a father, he has done something those girls might never forgive and if they do, it might be years before they can. He's ruined their innocence. He's ruined the most important relationship he could have. That's why it says in the Bible that men are to love their wives as Christ loves the church. It is a selfless, self-sacrificing love. He has displayed none of those things.

I was going to save this for Father's Day:

Guys with daughters:
Remember the role you play in your daughters' lives. You are the first man in their lives.

Guys with sons:
Set a good example for them, especially in how you treat your wives and mothers (and any other females in your lives). That's where they learn how to treat women.

Your children are watching.

"Cinderella" (There's a little chat about adoption and then the song.)
Steven Curtis Chapman

Captain America has a very special Eliot Spitzer caption contest. Go throw some darts!

Wyatt has his take on the Spitzer shenanigans, HERE.


Dee said...

I can't imagine him surviving as Governor but then again who would've thought that Bill Clinton would survive as President after Monica Lewinsky.

Earl said...

Politicians continue to believe they don't have to be moral nor law abiding as long as they have power. And other poilticians that are moral and law abiding think they have to put up with EVIL and Stupidity because they are in power, sigh. And they wonder why I don't follow where they lead, duh.

USA_Admiral said...

I agree with both Dee and Earl.

That is a creepy picture of Spitzer too. The eyes don't look right.

That would have been a great Father's day Post.
I Dance with Cinderella when ever she wants because I know She will be gone too soon.

fuzzys dad said...

Another democrat caught with his pants down.Big Suprise there!

RT said...

He's gone! I was reading an article yesterday that stated that he wanted to step down immediately when the initial report got to him, but his wife prompted him to fight it. I don't think he was quite up front with her. What do you think?

I'm just really beginning to not want to even listen to any politician. I automatically think they are lying. Politicians of the ilk that are giving our country a royal drubbing are just flat out ruining us and our perception of our country.

Thanks for visiting.

He doesn't have to work hard to appear creepy.

I had heard the song on the way to work and thought about what I would say for a Father's Day post. Timing.

Fuzzys Dad
Unfortunately, there are crooked Republicans, too.