Saturday, March 08, 2008

Some more pimping & a muddy, good time

Old NFO has posted an amazing interview with General Paul Tibbets (hope I was correct about his rank). Tibbets provides his insight about dropping the atomic bomb on Japan. He's a straight shooter.

Rogue at TJ's Anti-Contrarian has been posting out the wazoo! If you go there you can find his usual wit and insight.

Just an aside: Did any of you see the Supercross Daytona on the SPEED channel? It was a muddy mess, but was a lot of fun to watch. (If you can't view it on via the embed, click HERE. Then, click on "Last Lap SCX Final Lap.)


Old NFO said...

Thanks RT, and it was Col Tibbits- He never made General...

RT said...

Oh, because I've seen Lt. Col. and Brig Gen.

You're welcome. :)