Monday, March 17, 2008

This is for anyone who feels like a task is too big.

Something neat is happening at work. A few brave souls have asked if I am losing weight. One teacher walked up behind my chair today and hugged me while telling me I look great.

I cannot tell you what that means to me. People don't usually tell me I look good. They've also been commenting that color has improved. These people have seen me barely walking with a cane to what is happening now with my weight loss.

It really helps to have support.

Usually, I send stuff like this video to my weight-loss buddies for encouragement. However, I wanted to share this with everyone. This woman did something truly amazing.

If you want to see who won my caption contest, click HERE.


Dee said...

Wow!! Congratulations to you and that video is awesome. Very inspirational!!

RT said...

Thanks. :)