Sunday, March 23, 2008

Hopefully, there will be justice.

There is a special place in hell for those that take advantage of those that cannot fully take care of themselves.

In Illinois, a developmentally delayed woman was treated worse than a stray dog by those that were supposed to take care of her. They beat and abused her. They left her unclothed, in a basement, and her one year old child was 15 pounds when they found her dead, pregnant body.

It makes me sick that humans can treat each other in such an inhumane way.

Increasingly, I just find myself shaking my head at the lack of compassion people have for each other.


She died because she was just so beaten down in so many ways: her immune system shut down.

Her main abuser, described as evil and vicious in the article, "worked as a coordinator for a regional center that helps the developmentally disabled with housing and other services. " The victim was a client of the center.

Just shaking my head.
(To read the entire article--that I just couldn't really quote--click on the link in the hat-tip.)

(H/T: CNN)


Dee said...

I do believe there is a special place in hell for people that despicable. Ick!!

USA_Admiral said...

Hell is not going to be hot enough.

RT said...

I just can't even imagine what goes through the minds of people that can hurt other people--can't fathom it.


Dennis said...


count said...


RT said...

Yes, gentlemen, just can't even begin to understand this one.