Friday, March 21, 2008

Good Friday

Christ took on past and future pain, betrayal, corruption, and the sin of the world so that we can have a life of hope, faith, and security in Him.

So much could be said about today, the day Christ's crucifixion is commemorated. We could look at the work He did in his years on Earth. I could point out the prophecies found in the Old Testament that point to Christ and what would happen to Him.

However, I want to write about the people surrounding Christ.

Christ knew He was going to die for our sins. His friends and family were warned, but they didn't really have a clue. So, they continued life as "normal."

Christ was betrayed by a "friend." That betrayal, stemming from greed, led to Christ's capture.

Peter, someone who fiercely proclaimed his love for his friend -someone who knifed a soldier's ear to try to protect Christ from capture- denied any knowledge of the man known as Jesus of Nazareth.

Christ had other friends. He had a tight group. They saw their friend die on a cross and they believed He was dead. Anything else would be crazy, right? Thomas would think so.

People who didn't know Him mocked him and literally tore apart his body. A stranger carried Jesus' cross when, from His injuries, He couldn't carry it.

The women? His mom was there to weep for her son. His female friends planned on tending to the body in the tomb after the Sabbath.

Soldiers gambled for Christ's robe. Every indignity and betrayal that Christ could suffer, He did. However, the betrayal, mocking, doubting, and mourning were quieted three days later. Christ knew the resurrection would happen. He said He would rise again in three days.

During those three days, people went about their lives: whether those lives included Him or not.

Today, we live our lives, whether those lives include Him or not. Some of us go through times of great faith and great doubt. Despite it all, He is still there to love and forgive us, embrace us, and to call us kin, no matter what we've said or done.

He said He knew of His death and resurrection. He also knows when He'll return again, while we go about life as "normal."

"The Old Rugged Cross Made the Difference"
Gaither Vocal Band

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USA_Admiral said...

Well said!

Great song too.

Ssssteve said...

Great writing RT. Good stuff! Made a difference in my life!!

RT said...

Thank you, gentlemen. :)

Have a wonderful Easter knowing that redemption and renewal are possible.