Saturday, March 29, 2008


It means a lot to know our parents are proud of our decisions. When Seth Dupont of Massachusetts went to take his enlistment oath for the National Guard, he knew his dad would be watching, but he didn't know his dad, Lt. Col. Daniel Dupont would being giving him the oath via teleconference from Iraq.

"Well, stand up, state your name and raise your right hand," the elder Dupont told his boy.

Tears welled up as Seth Dupont repeated the oath; then he told his father he loved him.

"Congratulations, son," his father said. "I'm proud of you, man. I love you, too. You made a good, strong decision."

It was a very emotional moment for both.

The boy's dream? To be a helicopter pilot.
The boy's inspiration? His father. (NEVER doubt your role, guys.)


*Be sure to click on it to see the emotional picture provided. It's an AP shot and I don't want to risk their wrath. /snark


Old NFO said...

See- the internet is good for something!!! :-) Good one, thanks!

RT said...

It's definitely a heart-warmer.