Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Until I can compose a decent post...

I was listening to a guy on television tonight. His name is Mike Farris. I stumbled across him a few months ago via some website that interviewed him about his life and his music.

I like when someone has some passion behind his or her music. If I could be sitting somewhere, out and about, listening to some music, this would be my choice.

"The Lonely Road"

Mike Farris


Aprilwine said...

I like him alot!

Ssssteve said...

pretty good! I hope your week is good so far!! only 2 till the weekend!
Remember, Sunday's on its way!!

RT said...

Isn't he awesome? That boy's got soul.

TWO???? I have off Friday and don't go back to work until the 31st. WOOO HOOO!!!!!! (I'll be grading and planning out the wazoooooo, though.)

Sunday, Sunday, Sunday....sorry...drag racing track commercial thing.

I plan on going to an early service Sunday (pray that I do) and I am taking my mom AND my dad out to dinner. Finally, a holiday with both of them at the same time.