Saturday, October 21, 2006

Your .02

Ok, so it is no secret that I need to curb my work-a-holic ways. Well, I'm actually doing pretty normal amounts of work for English teachers at my high school.

However, I need to make changes that benefit my health. I've decided upon "school" changes that I need to make, but I am trying to think long-term. Change schools? Change careers? Move somewhere else in this country? Go hide in a cabin in Montana and write books with my cats at my feet? (Thought I was going Unibomber on ya, eh?)

I have a lot of responsibilities that have been keeping me in my present school. For the past two years I have felt the oh, so gentle nudge that some of us have felt that we know if we ignore it, God will doing something "big" to get our attention. I'm just trying to figure out what "it" is.

I just know, especially at this age, that my health (mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual) is way more important than a job. Since I have begun teaching I've lost friends (I'm always "too busy"), I can't take care of myself, and I have no "chill" time....I'm always thinking about school, students and what I'm doing next. The summer is not much different. It is spent getting ready for the next year. Yeah, it is great to have all the holiday and summer time off, but there are ten months of the year that I am putting in close to 60-70 hours per week. Apparently, I am too much of a wuss to handle it.

So, if you were in my shoes, what would you do? I'm already praying, have been for a few months. Before I got sick I said, "I am ready to move on, God." It is scary thinking about it, but it seems unavoidable. I love teaching, but perhaps there is something else or somewhere else I'm supposed to be.


dragonlady474 said...

Is there a University you could instruct at that's nearby? What about teaching english to people wanting to become citizens? Tutoring? OR
What other degrees do you have? Maybe you can start doing something totally different...what are you interested in? Maybe you could get a small business loan and go into business doing something you've always been interested in and wanted to do?

wrecksE said...

What would you do if you could do anything, and couldn't possibly fail? (I know it's not original I think it's Anthony Robbins or some other annoyingly happy person;) I'm always asking myself the same question, there's just not a lot of demand for Harley testers out there...

RT said...

DL: I am trying to think of something that I can do that will allow me to breathe and enjoy life. I always feel like I'm being punished...I'm not, but my life has that feeling. Constant I can't do this/that...tired of it. I didn't grow up having dreams or aspirations. I grew up with "go to work, be miserable, and like it." I love solving things through the use of my analytic skills. Do you think Abbott Cove needs a writer/sleuth? (Don't have a masters, or I'd get into a PhD program and go teach at a University or College.)

Wreckse: That's a good question to ask myself. I have a failure issue (who doesn't?). I've never been so lost for ideas. The Harley thing sounds good! Do they supply the leather?