Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Note to self:

1. Don't eat two hot dogs and then follow them with chocolate ice cream.

2. Buy some Tums.

3. Don't fall asleep for two hours during a Flyers game.

4. Scratch #3, the Flyers won't win, anyway.

5. If your ADD kicks in, it is probably because you have too many YouTube clips on your blog.

6. Exercise so that in case you ever have sex again in this lifetime, you don't hyperventilate.

7. Before you panic and go to the doctor for a virus, be sure it isn't your usual mold allergy and get the filters in your car's ventilation system changed, first.

8. Never eat Chinese food ever again, unless it is won ton soup...better cure-all than chicken noodle (must be the ginger).

9. Get out of debt so you can quit teaching.

10. Get better at writing creatively and places where mold isn't the state plant.

11. Fall in love...for real this time.

12. Don't sweat the small could be living in a war-torn, anti-human rights area of the world.

13. Stop making so many lists...too much pressure.

If you haven't done so, scroll down to "Imitation is Flattery" and check out the "World of Warcraft" link. I never watch South Park, but this episode just cracked me up.

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