Friday, October 06, 2006

Random Ramblings

Today, our K-9 cop came for a visit with his "partner." Why does the dog always sniff and stop when he gets to me? Honest....I haven't had anything since 1989!

I think my primary classroom has a mold issue. I feel so sick by the end of the week and now have my school-year wheeze. It goes away about a week after we finish school for the year.

If I hear the Eagles' fight song one more time before Sunday, I'm gonna shove a banjo down someone's throat.

Frustrating: I'm a rather large person, but have recently experienced a lot of weight loss and hope to continue the downward slide in weight. Whenever I would eat lunch with my colleagues a certain few would stare at what I was eating. I stopped eating with them and eat at my desk, now. people are noticing the weight-loss and saying positive things (as nice people are wont to do), but the funny thing is, someone actually asked me if I was losing weight in a healthy way (i.e. not anorexia/bullimia). I can't win. My doctors increased my thyroid medication and it has quick-started my metabolism...that's why I'm losing weight. Well, that and I eat healthier than a lot of people I know...except for the high fat-fried dinners I was eating for two years (long friggin' me, way too long--eating differently these days, though).

Have you ever had someone just stop talking to you and not tell you why? Someone that you felt had intentions of continuing to talk to you, but they like disappear into thin air? Yeah...that can be depressing. Maybe it would be easier to be a hermit....not Kermit, because it's not easy being green.


Peakah said...

Only those not truly comfortable in their own skin spend their life-force over analyzing everybody else to distract themselves from thinking about those weaknesses they habor themselves.

It is always easier to think that you have the answer to everything than it is to acknowledge the depth and origins of your weaknesses.

Congrats on losing weight! Keep up the great work!

I've let my body go in recent years and need to quit thinking about doing something and actually do it! My wife's amazing cooking is very difficult to deny so I figgure I'll thouroughly enjoy it for now!

RT said...

Eat a pork roll and egg sandwich!

I totally pigged today...but enjoyed it very much! MMmMmm...Mexican food is fun!

Thanks for the encouragement. I need it.

Peakah said...

Remember to take those times to deeply enjoy the richness of life too, there's an important balance that does the soul well... even if it involves a sandwich high in cholesterol!

RT said...

Wax on, wax off....ha ha!