Monday, October 02, 2006

Time Well Spent

This weekend I have done absolutely no school work. I have tomorrow's holiday, but I planned to get so much more finished. I seem to always be making plans. So this weekend I made plans that mattered. I took time to laugh with my soon-to-be married (June) friend. We are stupid-insane and giggly whenever we talk. I took my dad out to lunch to give him a break from caring for my grandmom. She has Parkinson's. She can't really move and refuses to free the power over her money to put her in a nice care facility (I emphasize nice...not a dumping ground). So the stress is wearing on my soon-to-be 68 year-old father. We had a chance to laugh and I just sat and listened, told him he was right--regardless of his correctness. I spent three hours on the phone with a co-worker that I get along with really well. She tried to make me feel better about my separation anxiety over the engaged friend. She also tried to make me feel better about how I'm getting around these days and to make me feel ok about missing the guy I miss in a huge way.

Now, I obviously could have been planning the month, creating quizzes and journalism packets. I think my time was well-spent doing more important things today. It felt good to be human and connect to people today.

And a huge THANK YOU goes to Rachel for assisting in clearing the confusion related to my two computers and how to get them to both run.


rachel said...

We all need to recharge in our own ways sometimes. If we don't do it once in a while, we're useless at the stuff we have to do.

And you're welcome. Anytime.

RT said...

Agreed and thanks!