Monday, October 09, 2006

Riddle me this Batman!

Ok...I have a few questions about life. I don't pretend to have all the answers, so I really need help from my wise bloggin' buddies.

1. So if it is the end of the world, where is my end-of-the-world sex?

2. Which is better? To have loved and lost, or to never have loved at all? That one has always confused me.

3. If size doesn't matter, why do women require at least one carat?

4. How much wood could a wood chuck chuck, if a wood chuck could chuck wood?

5. Finally, if I were to quit teaching, what could I do for a living that doesn't require getting up at 4:00 am?

I seriously think I need bloggers' anonymous! Unless I win my football pool, I will not post for a couple of days. I've given you all a lot of reading and viewing material. I'll be visiting you guys, though.


fmragtops said...

Okay, number 1: It's not the end of the world, and since you are female, there are guys that will do you. Men have it far worse. Women are just too damn picky.

2: To never have loved at all. Ignorance is bliss.

3: Because "size doesn't matter" is a universal lie concocted by women to protect men's egos.

4: Nine pounds

5: Nothing

I hope my quick wisdom has given you some insight into life, love, and hatred for all mankind.

RT said...

Yep...ignorance is the better of the two options.

Damn, that wood chuck can chuck wood!

Yep, I'm feeling the hatred of mankind.

Wyatt Earp said...

1. I'd help ya out, but you wouldn't want your last sexual experience to be TERRIBLY disappointing.

2. Agree with Fm.

3. Because you're all greedy little whores. Snark.

4. One metric ton.

5. Move to my division and collect welfare. Everyone else is doing it.

RT said...

Terribly disappointing is all I've ever had.

You both are right on #2.

4...I'm American, I don't know metrics you stinkin' person from any other part of the world! ('cept England, right? Can't remember...just woke up from a nap).

If I collected welfare and lived in your district you'd probably end up having to put me in I get #1! Wow...could I get a gang member of my very own to intimidate, rob, and beat me, too?